Cynthia Wilson

United States Road Trip

Some of my photos from our summer vacation are hanging up at the Marple Public Library in Broomall, PA until January 31, 2024 They are located in the fiction / non-fiction section of the library. You can also see them here:

New Book: The Tooth Fairy Lost Her Way

After 4 years, the book that my daughter and I have been working on is now available. In this book, Jamie seeks to find the reasons that the Tooth Fairy did not make it to his house one night. This book encourages children to use their imagination. Now Available in paperback and ebook on Amazon. […]

Reflecting Peace

I gazed out the window only to see a bright light in the darkness. It caught me by surprise.  I moved so I could get closer to the light. But stayed inside so I wouldn’t catch a cold.  I remained still to try and focus on its beauty and wonder. Varying distances emulated slightly different hues […]

Publication forthcoming

My poem “Hope is the Controversy” was accepted for publication in Pennsylvania Bard’s Eastern PA Poetry Review 2021. I don’t know exactly when it will be available, but I’ll be sure to post when it is available and include notifications of any author readings.

Friends of Heinz Refuge

Over the last few months my photographs have been selected to be included in On the FOHR Front, Friends of the Heinz Refuge Bulletin. The following photographs were in the Bulletin: March 21-3 (White-throated Sparrow), April 21-4 (American Robin) and May 21-5 (Cedar Waxwing). It is such an honor to have my photographs included in […]

Akashic Record Readings Available

On March 7, 2020, right before the start of the lockdown, I attended a workshop in Harrisburg with Rebecca Austill-Clausen and William Stillman. During the session, Rebecca passed around stones so that the audience members could see, touch and read a little about various stones. This inspired me to seek out and find a nearby […]

Winter Solstice

Today in the Northern Hemisphere we embark on the return of sunlight with a spectacular conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, indicating that creative changes of loving kindness are on the horizon. May you all love what you do and continue to bring light into this world as we emerge from our darkest day. This morning […]

Time for Change

It has been several years since my webpage saw any updates. 2020 is the perfect year to reflect on the changes that you want to make and then take some action. So now is the time. Since it’s inception my website has been dedicated to my photography, but over the years I have expanded my […]